Colin Czerwinski



Portrait Photography

A keen eye for light and color is the main premise in all of my work. Over 10 years, it has developed to the point where it is now today which has a natural and silky look. Colors are natural as they should be and not like many other portraits that go for the over the top with the "high contrast and flash" type which are very undesirable and not a professional look.

What makes my work different is that I use not only digital but medium format film (120). This is the highest quality photograph that you can get. Not many are shooting with such out-dated stock, but this is something I have taken advantage of.

Whether you looking for family portraits, headshots, modeling shots or anything else related to portraits, look no further. The quality that I am able to provide is clean and professional.  


Examples of medium format film. Notice the silky, natural look



For quality portrait, head shot or modeling portrait work, please use the form below to get in contact. I have had many requests for family portraits asking for pricing etc. I'll be happy to go over all of my info with you when we discuss your needs on the phone or via email.

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