Hiding in Hudson

There’s been a lot on my mind over the past few weeks since my last post. The growing backlog of photographs I have yet to revisit has left me feeling overwhelmed, and this situation has inspired me to revamp my website - it’s been a hectic period of reorganizing and fumbling to get everything in order. I also recently acquired a new camera to experiment with: the Fujifilm X100V. I’d like to share some thoughts on this camera as part of this update.

Speaking of exciting events, I’m sure we were all anticipating the recent solar eclipse. My girlfriend and I took a trip to Hudson, NY to celebrate her birthday, which coincided with this celestial alignment. The Airbnb we stayed at was on a small farm with chickens and sheep, and the gracious hosts gifted us a generous supply of fresh eggs during our visit. They also allowed us to use their special eclipse glasses, enabling us to gaze directly at the phenomenon. The farmer across the street let us peek through his welding helmet, which had a mesmerizing green, radioactive glow.

For this trip, I decided to take only one camera - the X100V. I’ve heard great things about this camera, particularly the quality of the JPG output, so I was eager to put it to the test. Spoiler alert: it’s a fantastic camera. While it has some limitations, such as the fixed 35mm lens, crop sensor, and modest battery life, the overall experience has been excellent. I’d rate it an 8.8/10 in my opinion.

What I love about the X100V is its lightweight and compact design, especially in comparison to my heavier Leica M-262. I also appreciate the in-camera film simulation profiles, which produce great color and output, though I always shoot in RAW as a safeguard. The built-in flash is a nice addition, providing ample power to brighten up any scene. Additionally, the customizable buttons and dials allow for a tailored user experience, though it does take some time to find the perfect setup.

The photos I’m sharing here are a mix of JPGs and RAW files from the X100V. I have many more from this series that I’d like to share, and this is where my GoFundMe page comes into play. I’ve never considered crowdfunding before, but I’m now asking for your help to bring this series into a physical format - a short-run zine of 25-50 copies in an 8x10” size. Those that donate will receive hand-signed copies by me.

GoFundMe link here

Having these photographs printed and in a tangible format would be incredibly rewarding, allowing me to share my work with others in a more meaningful way. This is just the beginning, as I have many other photo projects I’d like to bring to life through print in the future. Your support would help me take this first step and fund the production of this zine.

Thank you for your attention. If you’re able to, please consider sharing the link to my GoFundMe page as well :)


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