Japan, I Love You.

In September 2023, I had the incredible opportunity to revisit Japan, this time with my best friend Corey Mastrangelo. Our initial trip to Japan was in 2019 with Corey’s band, Vasudeva, but this time around, it was for his solo project.

Out of all the places I’ve had the privilege to explore (mostly alongside Vasudeva and other bands I’ve been a part of), Japan stands out as my absolute favorite.

What captivates me the most about Japan is the playful and humorous essence woven into everything – from the vibrant colors and typography to the way people live their lives. Attempting to convey this in words falls short; it’s an experience you truly need to live. Even the taxis are a visual delight.

The fashion and style of people there as well…Simple, elegant – my vibe for sure.

Mineo Kawasaki, who we were on tour with and who assisted us in navigation, made our trip even more remarkable. Besides being an incredible drummer, Mineo guided us to awesome food spots, shared bits of history, and even played the hero when I managed to lose my wallet.

Yes, I lost my wallet in Japan…

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